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page speed optimization

Usually it takes between
30-35 working hours

We fine-tuned our optimization approach to maximize the website's Google quality rating without compromising its usability or aesthetics. Our professional staff can assist you in improving your site in a way that is both secure and effective so that it conforms to Google's strict guidelines. In just 8-10 days of regular business days, we can optimize the live site itself.

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Long-term solution

Let's keep your website at the highest level

Optionally we offer a long-term solution.

After the optimization, the goal is to be maintained in the future. The page's speed insight score can be affected by a variety of factors, including the addition of new modules, the removal of old ones, the introduction of new banners or Google updates.

If the score drops after we've finished optimizing your site based on a monthly subscription, we'll let you know and go to work fixing it as soon as you give us the green light. The price for constant monitoring and intervention is 50 euro/month.