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When it comes to Page Speed Optimization, we are the best team for your PrestaShop website. Our dedicated professionals are here to assist you with every step of the optimization, helping you reach your goals faster.

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    Our dedicated professionals are here to assist you with every step of the optimization, helping you reach your goals faster.

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    We are an international company that achieved the highest level in the PrestaShop partnership program thanks to our expertise and experience.

Jozsa Lenard
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Get to the top with the best optimization solutions.

Core Web Vitals are the key for online stores in 2023. This PrestaShop optimization service is the most efficient way to optimize your store performance, user experience, and rankings. Our team of experts will audit your website and make the necessary optimizations to ensure your online presence ranks the highest in online searches.

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Our optimization is based on the recommendations of Google's Core Web Vitals.


We are sure of us, and we guarantee an 80+ mobile score.

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The results of the optimization process are immediately visible at the end.

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In 8-10 days, we grow your Google quality score to a new level.

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We perfected our optimization process in such a way as to achieve the best possible Google quality score without affecting the website functionality or the design. Our team of experts will help you optimize your website to meet the highest standards set by Google in a safe and efficient method. Get ready to experience higher search engine rankings and more visibility.

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Behind the Great Success of PrestaSpeed are even greater people. Meet some of them:

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As a result of our preoccupations, we wrote a few articles about them.

Understanding the Impact of Images on Core Web Vitals

Understanding the Impact of Images on Core Web Vitals Images can have a significant impact on Core Web Vitals, as they account for a large proportion of page weight and loading time. Therefore, optimizing image size, format and delivery can improve Core Web Vitals scores and user experience. To optimize images on a website, it […]

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Strategies for Reducing Cumulative Layout Shift Scores

Strategies for Reducing Cumulative Layout Shift Scores One of the most effective strategies for reducing Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) scores is to properly size and optimize images. Unoptimized images can cause page elements to shift when loading, leading to a poor user experience and potentially higher CLS scores. SEO professionals need to ensure that they […]

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Leveraging Browser Caching to Improve Core Web Vitals

Leveraging Browser Caching to Improve Core Web Vitals Leveraging browser caching is a great way to improve Core Web Vitals. By setting up browser caching, webpages will load faster and can help improve your Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) score. This measures the load time of your content and is one of three Core Web Vitals […]

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Frequently asked questions

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Is Page Speed Optimization an important aspect for you?

Page speed should be a priority for everyone, as it impacts the usability, search engine rankings, and overall performance of a website. It is a measure of how quickly a webpage loads and responds to user interaction. A faster website can lead to increased user satisfaction and engagement, improved search engine rankings, and ultimately more conversions and revenue. Additionally, page speed is an important factor for user experience and online success, as slow-loading websites will discourage users from engaging with the site and may negatively affect search engine rankings. Therefore, optimizing page speed is essential for website success.

What are the advantages of optimizing core web vitals?

Optimizing core web vitals has many advantages, including better user experience, improved page loading speed, and improved search engine rankings. With improved user experience, visitors are more likely to stay on your page, increasing the chances of a purchase or page engagement. Faster page loading speed leads to decreased bounce rates, as users will be more likely to stay on your page if it loads quickly. Additionally, improved page loading speed can lead to higher search engine rankings, as search engines reward sites with good user experience. This can also lead to more organic website traffic. By optimizing core web vitals, you can improve the overall user experience and performance of your website.

How can mobile devices help my website compete against other sites?

Mobile devices can help your website compete against other sites by improving user experience, providing faster response times, and enhancing search engine optimization (SEO). Having a mobile-friendly website ensures that your website can be easily accessed and navigated by users on any device, including mobile phones and tablets. This can boost your website’s visibility in search engine results, since Google gives preference to mobile-friendly websites. Additionally, having a website that can be quickly accessed and navigated on mobile devices is likely to improve user satisfaction, which can lead to an increase in traffic and conversions.